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Water and Wind

For hundreds of years, the elements which powered the Country

For many centuries wind and water mills were the powerhouses for food production, land drainage and much of the industry in this country.

Superceded first by steam and then oil engines, these magnificent old machines are at the heart of our heritage.

Many have been lost, some preserved and others have been converted, but all which remain demand maintenance to avoid their loss through cost or decay, and in the case of those which are listed, these demands can be considerable.

The need for maintenance

The most obvious areas which have to be looked after are the sails on a windmill and the wheel on a watermill - the ‘energy traps’.

In use, both are subjected to the ravages of water, but when out of use, the elements can cause even greater damage since the parts are designed to turn, not remain stationary.

Contemporary Millwrighting

Offering a modern face to the traditional skills of Millwrighting, Smithdales understand the importance of planned maintenance and delivery, the Millwright working with the owner rather than just for them.

We plan individual maintenance schedules for each site, depending upon need - for example parts such as caps, sails and wheels are turned, bearings and gears greased - and also anticipate when greater works will be required so they may be costed and scheduled.

Having operated a heritage site producing 30+ tons of flours a year, we are also able to construct, maintain and advise on milling equipment and machinery.

Millwrighting has been notorious for extra and hidden costs, delays and complications, but whether maintenance, repairs or one-off contracts, Smithdales will quote you a price for a job - stick to it, and get it done!

If you own or are responsible for a traditional mill and are concerned or want to find out about current or future works, give Paul a ring or drop Mark a line.  Click here to see some of the work we have been doing.

For all administration purposes please mail us on enquiries@smithdalemillwrighting.co.uk.

You can mail Paul here or ring him direct on 07908 468826.

Smithdale Millwrighting Ltd is a Company registered in the UK number 10341038

Led by Engineer and trained Millwright Paul Abel the company proudly bears the name of the great Norfolk Millwright Thomas Smithdale (1820 - 1905) who was grandfather of Paul’s great uncle.

Smithdales Unique Creations!

As a family we have been cursed with an interested in anything and everything!  

Our work brings us into contact with many old artefacts and a lot of old material destined for the bin.  

By ‘reading’ these materials and then up-cycling them with our traditional skills and techniques we can share and give pleasure to both ourselves and others.  All our pieces are unique and handmade, rarely ‘orthodox’ but always made with love and empathy!

We have also made bespoke and commission pieces - drop us a line.

See some of our work here.

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